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Last Updated: June 5, 2015
Fortunately, owning a website today doesn't have to be expensive at all. The days where setting up you own website costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars are long behind us. In fact, now you can now launch your website for only a few dollars a month or pennies a day with one of the many host companies.

But choosing the right affordable hosting company can be tricky. After all, some of the rates, fees, and add-ons can be a bit confusing, even for internet savvy website veterans.

The good news is that there are some great companies out there competing hard for your business. This healthy competition translates to very low rates, lots of reliable service, and tons of freebies. The benefits simply couldn't get any better. Today, most consumers will find website hosting rates slightly "better than affordable."

Yet, some companies still make their money by charging premiums for many add-ons or other services. These small fees here and there can add up to tons of extra and un-needed costs to you. And while you want to figure out, which one is the cheapest, you probably also want to know which company is most reliable, and which one is the most easiest to use, right?

Well, since many companies over the years have emerged and older companies have merged or dropped out, we decided to take a look at the top 15 web hosting choices, and determine the Top 3 most affordable and value-packed companies.

In fact, in over eight months we assessed these websites with the help of over four dozen websites. Overall, we were very impressed at the value that many companies today were offering but settled on only three top hosting solutions.

Again, we reviewed the top 15 most affordable hosting service companies using the following criteria:

  • Affordable - Was the service truly the cheapest and most value-packed?
  • Reliable - Did the hosting company deliver solid and reliable service?
  • Ease of Use - Was the service easy to use?
BlueHost Review

Rating 10/10

Easy to Use

"The Cheapest Hosting company with the best service..."

After reviewing the Top 15 web hosting companies, there was no doubt that BlueHost was the most affordable service.

In the last ten years web hosting service prices have dropped, and many companies have scrambled to react to the price drops by cutting corners, adding add-on prices, and short changing their customer service. To be sure, this could affect their service reliability, overall long term costs, and customer satisfaction.

Yet, BlueHost, using the power of new technology, has emerged as the industry leader for affordability and value. For only $3.95 a month, you can have unlimited disc space, bandwidth, and email. In addition, you get your own free domain, a free security suite, free site building tools, and free online store options.

While the value packed monthly costs are the lowest in the industry, BlueHost has also managed to get their customers over $450 worth of free extras, coupons, tools, and other website options. In fact, no other company has come even close to the amount of value that they are offering.

In addition, you also have free access to website building software that can help you create your very own website within in ten minutes. As if that was not enough, BlueHost has really invested a lot in security offering their customers free access to their daily spam protection, malware scans, business verification systems, and display certificates for your website.

While, they are the most affordable web hosting solution, we wanted to know just how reliable they were. After all, when your business is dependent on website traffic, reliability and the strength of their server network is essential. After eight months in analyzing BlueHost, we had zero problems with all of our websites. From our assessments BlueHost is 99.99% reliable, consistently running fast and smoothly.

In addition to accessing their value and reliability, we tested all of our websites for ease-of-use. Was each website easy to use to perform its function? BlueHost had made few changes during our time with them, but all for the better. In fact, we enjoyed working with BlueHost. They have an easy to use dashboard and control panel that is intuitive and simple to follow. We were very impressed with the design and functionality if BlueHost's website.

In addition to their value, reliability, and easy to use system, we had placed several calls to their customer support over eight months. Their customer service representatives were simply delightful, knowledgeable, and very helpful to work with.

We are confident in recommending BlueHost as the most affordable, value-packed webhosting solution on the market today.

The Verdict: Very affordable, extremely reliable, and very easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

Ease of Use

Highly Recommended

2. FatCow

A very close runner up to BlueHost's affordability is the up and coming Fat Cow. These guys have blown past the competition not only with affordability, but their customer service as well. Fat Cow, just like our first pick, provides unlimited storage and bandwidth space, unlimited emails, and an even a free domain name that comes with your subscription.

In addition to their standard service, you can have access to easy online store tools, photo gallery software, and blogging software.

We simply loved Fat Cow, which offers consider value for one low monthly price of only $3.47 per month, or the cost of one coffee. In addition to their affordability, they offer a very strong and reliable service, excellent customer support, and an "udderly" dreamy and easy to use dashboard.

We strongly stand by Fat Cow as the second most affordable web hosting solution.

Rating 8.7/10

Ease of Use

Also Recommended

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has had years to perfect the sweet spot for affordability, reliability, and ease of use. Their basic package offers just what the average website owner needs to launch his or her website.

We have always liked GoDaddy's consistent good value. They offer a lot of bandwidth, disk space, and tons of extra tools with relatively little costs. If you are looking for basic, sensible service without any frills, GoDaddy has a great basic package that enables you access to their strong and reliable servers.

GoDaddy has always been known for their reliable servers which are fast and can handle high traffic. In addition, their dashboard is really easy to use. With GoDaddy you actually get a sense that their technology guys and their website designers actually talk to each other.

They fall slightly short of picking up the top two spots because their packages simply can't match the value and services offered BlueHost and FatCow, although we like them better than HostGator's plans. Yet, overall, GoDaddy remains a very strong pick among the many sites we assessed and has rightly earned our third place pick.

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