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Cheap Hosting or High Bandwidth?

E-commerce has grown so much over the past few years and web-hosting services have mushroomed along with them. Business has become a different creature with the advent of the internet, so much so that every businessperson or business organization has a website belonging to them. Sometimes, the website is the shop from which the business operates. The cost of doing this is minute compared to the profits that can be yielded from it, which can be high. This is why the internet, as a business hub, has grown so much.

Web hosting services have become an important component to this mushrooming business in providing all the relevant service to ensure that the business runs smoothly. The most important feature that is involved is the high bandwidth that is available. By having a high bandwidth, the host will allow fast and reliable service to internet users who visit the website. It also allows the business to design a website specific to a business’s needs.

High bandwidth web service hosting allows a high flow of uninterrupted information traffic at any time. The availability of high bandwidth is determined by network connections. The bandwidth is measured in bytes and determines the amount that a website can support and eventually transfer. This will depend on the type of internet connection a user has.

Unlimited bandwidth web hosting allows the website to function without any problems because the information traffic that flows through the internet is uninterrupted. Furthermore, each time a user accesses the website, possibly along with millions of other users, the bandwidth must have the capacity to handle the information that is flowing through it. An unlimited bandwidth does not cause congestion. This lack of congestion keeps a user from having to wait for information to load up every time he or she accesses a website.

Those who are looking for high bandwidth web hosting services would have to consider, very carefully, if it is really a necessity for their website. Not all websites are the same. Some websites may have much more information than other websites. Some websites may have more graphics than other websites. Most hosting services would know the type of bandwidth and the best package that is suitable for a particular website.

Now that web-hosting services are becoming commonplace, there are sites that intend to educate people about what is being offered and the factors that have to be considered before choices are made. After doing some research, one would realize that high bandwidth is not something that is needed for everyone. Someone starting a new e-commerce business would have to look at starting out small so that profits can be maximized. To do this, there are several cheap web-hosting services available for beginners. The lesser specifications a person needs on the website, the less it will cost. For someone starting out, it would be wise to carry out extensive research on the various services available, the type of service needed, and the monthly payments required.

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Advantages of Cheap Hosting

By having a cheap web hosting package, one can earn a large amount of money by carrying out an online business. It would be advisable to approach service providers with a large storage space as well as a large amount of bandwidth, at a reduced price.

However, before making a decision, one would have to ensure that a reliable estimate has been provided in accordance to the website’s requirement. Potential development of the website has to be reflected in the estimate that is provided.

A cheap web hosting service may be exactly what a new online business may require. It would be helpful to create an internet presence with increased exposure to more internet users. Nowadays there are even specific price comparisons for websites, which help find the best choice for the potential web hosting customer. These price comparison websites may be helpful to those who are new in e-commerce because of the plethora of packages available. It may be quite confusing for a person who does not know what is needed in the first place. The price comparison website will help the potential customer focus on the website’s specific requirements, such as bandwidth, storage space, and other intrinsic requirements.

Website hosting refers to a service specifically designed to host websites in order to make them accessible to internet users. The hosting companies are operated by servers. The important components that make up a web hosting service are the server hardware, the server, and the system that the operation is based upon.

The services can provide SSL certificates to show that the security of the web hosting company can be verified. This certificate has a charge for it, but it makes the website more credible, especially for users who are going to provide their credit card details and other personal information.

The web hosting services that are used by e-commerce websites tend to offer shopping specific services, such as shopping carts. These facilities allow the customers pick their items as they navigate through the website. Then, the customer is able to take the cart to the gateway checkout and make the payment. At the checkout, the price of the item and any delivery costs are calculated and payments are made.

There are two main types of cheap hosting services. One is where the price is extremely cheap, but with very low quality service and support. The other is where the prices may be reasonable and cheap, but offer good facilities and support. Because of the way cheap web hosting companies are evolving on a day-by-day basis, these companies are coming up with various features to attract potential customers. There is the availability of installing different scripts and software in just a click. There are also affiliate programs that can be added on to a website, such as WordPress for blog contents; phpBB2 for forums, Coppermine for pictures; osCommerce for the internet shop, and Joomla for content management systems. These are few of the specialist affiliates that can be added on to a website.

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Things to Look Out for From a Cheap Hosting Service

Cheap website hosting services have been growing in numbers over the years. Because of the type of packages that are available now, one can very easily get confused in relation to what is actually required. This can be avoided if the customer knows exactly what is needed and maintains the five most important things that are required from a website hosting service.

Continuous bandwidth

If a website owner has a customer base that requires products to be delivered as soon as payment is made, then continuous bandwidth is important. Because most businesses are run on the internet these days, a new emerging website would find that this feature is now an essential part of a day-to-day running of a website.

Large Bandwidth

Because the amount of space on the internet is increasingly being used on a day-to-day basis, be it for commercial or personal use, web-hosting services have to ensure that the websites run smoothly without any glitches. Large bandwidth hosting services allow users to have swift access and a reliable service.

Several domain names

Today, this is an essential part of packages being offered by web hosting services. This, however, is not advisable if one does not envisage the website developing significantly and opts for a small bandwidth. If there is a presence of multiple domain names, there is a possibility that if the customer is on a limited bandwidth, the bandwidth allocation may be exceeded. There will be a need for more than 100GB of data transfer exchange to accommodate at least five domain names. Therefore, if one is looking to have additional domain names, the packages would have to be considerably larger.

Web storage

People do not usually exceed the amount of web storage allocated by the web hosting service. However, if there are video clips or MP3 media on the website, then there is every possibility that it may be exceeded. Hence, the web hosting provider will have to be approached for a sufficiently large storage space. Choosing a cheap web hosting service provider with sufficient storage place and possibilities of increasing it in the future would be the best way forward.

Unlimited domain names

If one is on a limited bandwidth package, this option is not advisable because, as explained earlier, having more than one domain names can increase the amount of bandwidth. There, however, are options being offered by most web hosting services but it would be advisable only if there is a large package involved.

Therefore, one would have to decide on the size of the bandwidth needed. This is an important decision to make because many websites have been shut down for overusing the amount of bandwidth that had been allocated.

If the website requires 2.1 GB per month, then the website can be hosted using an affordable 5 GB hosting package. This package is enough for a small website. If it is foreseen that the website may develop considerably, then it would be prudent to increase the bandwidth to 10GB.

Nowadays, however, it is possible to obtain 250 GB for the same price with multiple domain name hosting facilities.

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Cheap Hosting Tips

Web hosting has become a very popular service that is being offered. They all have different packages and options from which people can choose. By obtaining a cheap web hosting service, it can be utilized to an enterpriser’s benefit.

For those who have already become a website owner and have started utilizing a web hosting service, there are several tips available to ensure that the best is being offered by the service.

If one were beginning an e-commerce service and needs to obtain a web hosting service, then a service that manages the site and offers credit card transaction services, shopping cart services, and PayPal services would be an ideal service for an internet shopping service.

Web hosting services that cater specifically for e-commerce based websites offer products and packages that can be customized as one goes along. This allows a developing business to expand its website and be able to store unlimited amounts of information.

Packages that allow downloading services in a website are not essential in commercial websites, but can be very useful when the website is one that distributes digital media. Other retailers when using the feature to share materials that promote the products that sold on their website have used this advantageously.

Other intrinsic features that are worth looking for in a website hosting service are:

–          Coupon codes in email campaigns.

–          Preview shopping carts for ecommerce shopping websites

–          Payment gateways, such as PayPal services and credit card transaction options

Managed website hosting usually involves the host creating the page and carrying out all the coding for the website owner. All the website owner has to do is to operate the website from their end. Some website hosting services will only offer server space and tools to build the website.

Prior to choosing a website hosting service, one will have to decide what is essentially needed to build a website. If the potential website owner has basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, then he or she would be able to put all three elements together and create the website. If the potential website owner has had no experience with coding, then an all-inclusive package would be more suitable.

One will then have to decide on the site requirements. If the potential website owner has good web coding background knowledge, then it would not be difficult to build the website from the beginning.

If the website is only being used to collect simple data from a small targeted number of people, there is no necessity for large amounts of data transfer. However, it is always prudent to ask for more than what is needed to allow space for the growth of the website.

Cheap hosting services usually come with tools that are offered free. These tools can be either traffic analysis or tools that help in building the website. The free tool does come in the guise of a discount because it increases the efficiency of the website and increases access by potential customers.

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Cheap Hosting Services for Beginners

Having a website has become a commodity for an enterprising person to have. It is an essential tool for those who have the internet moneymaking savvy. Whether it is a home-based cottage industry or a multi-million dollar enterprise, a website can vastly improve a business’s exposure. Increased exposure can only mean larger revenue. Hence, to have a better web presence would mean having a reliable website host.

A website hosting company is similar to the maintenance facility of a website. Web hosting companies essentially have the function of ensuring that potential visitors to a website can have uninterrupted access to a particular website. In choosing a hosting website, there are two main options. The choices are pick either a paid website or a free website. Free websites are suitable for those who are experts in the world of internet. For beginners, a paid website would be more suitable.

Free websites are advantageous because they can undoubtedly save the website owner money. However, he or she must be aware of some prerequisites that exist in pursuing free website hosting services. These services make their offer on the basis that the customer will include some free internet marketing advertisements from their own websites, which eventually causes pop-ups to appear. This may not seem very professional for the potential visitor to the website. If an individual is looking to run a lucrative e-commerce business on their website, this is not a good image to portray. In the world of e-commerce, where first impressions are crucial, this is an important factor to consider. More importantly, the next supplier is only a click away. Hence, if one is looking to run a thriving business on the internet, free hosting may not be the answer.

Paid internet hosting companies can provide better services for business-based websites. Facilities such as unlimited emailing, automatic responders, and storage space are being offered by most website hosting services. The larger, more-established services also provide guidance on how to build a website. This guidance is usually provided at no extra charge. Paid internet hosting facilities do not necessarily have to be expensive. Because of the abundant number of web hosting services, pricing of these services have become very competitive, making cheap hosting services readily available.

The type of service provider that is chosen would have to depend on what the business requires. It would also depend on the type of customers being targeted by the business. The service provider would have to be one that allows the website to grow and develop without putting a dent in the profit. In order to do this, the service provider would have to be one that is dependable and one with a good customer service base that can handle the initial teething problems. A service provider that can be relied on is one that can assist with technical jargon for those who are not very internet savvy. A good service provider would be able to explain to a beginner about bandwidth and storage space requirements.

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What Is the Actual Cost of Cheap Hosting?

The internet has not only made it possible for people to access information, it has also become a multi-million dollar e-commerce resource. The increasing demand in this sector has created the need for professional web hosting services. For any business to thrive there is a need for customers. Allowing customers to have free access to products that are being sold on the internet is what websites do. The first thing that any commercial website owner would do is to look for a web hosting service that can not only provide them with a reliable hosting site, but one that would allow them to make a profit, too. This is why most website owners would look at cheap hosting sites as a first step.

The problem is that some hosting sites have hidden fees of which not many are aware. This, in the end, would make it very costly for the website owner, resulting in the lack of or loss of profit. Hence, when looking for cheap website hosting sites, there are a few things that prospective customers must look for.

Firstly, there are hidden charges of which one must be aware. A prospective customer must be able to spot the difference between two different web hosting sites that each offer cheap hosting services. There might be one that provides efficient support and very good services while the other offers competitive prices but does not man its hosting sites very well. Because of the competition among web hosting sites, prices have been reduced tremendously; hence, it may look very affordable to an individual but ends up costing more in the long run. This is because when upgrade charges, set up charges, script support charges, and any other add-on charges are added up, it will end up costing more than envisaged. It is suggested that one should opt for a price plan that takes into account all the needs of a website in a fixed monthly plan.

Complicated terms of agreements are one of the other things to watch out for. Reading terms and agreements may be difficult to understand and comprehend, but it is an important factor because it will help the customer identify any hidden costs. If there aren’t any such hidden costs in the agreement, then the customer can be assured that it is a good web hosting service that can be relied on in the long term. To further protect oneself, it would be prudent to speak to someone in the customer service team to confirm that there are no such hidden costs.

One other factor to confirm and eliminate before deciding on the web hosting site is unlimited cheap website hosting. Most website hosting companies, when pitching to get prospective customers’ attention, use the term “unlimited”. This may not be very true with all cheap hosting companies. The prospective customer must be able to understand the extent of the term “unlimited” when applied to the various packages offered by these cheap hosting sites. When the website begins developing and there is a need for even further resources, then there may be further charges applied.

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How to Find a Cheap Hosting Company

With the advent of the internet, owning a website has become a norm for individuals and businesses. After having created the website, the next step is to find a host for the website so that it is accessible to the public. Price, naturally, becomes one of the factors that is taken into consideration when looking for a web host.

However, if one were to only consider cheap hosting sites, then there is a possibility that the website may be compromised. This is because the hosting website may have a lesser bandwidth, causing it to be very slow and making the website seem rather unprofessional. Furthermore, when the price of the hosting website is cheap, there is a possibility that customer service and assistance may be virtually absent.

The first thing a web hosting seeker will have to do is make a list of what is required of the host and that list can be sent to a few web hosting sites. This way, the specific needs of the website will be addressed and, in return, the hosting sites will be capable of responding to the prospective client’s specific requirements.

If a person has a need for more than one websites, such as affiliate marketers, it is not advisable to have all websites hosted by the same company. This is because, if there is a problem in the hosting site, then all the websites would become disabled. This would result in a loss of revenue and customers who frequent the websites. Therefore, it is advisable to have the other websites hosted by other companies so that the remaining websites are able to function, even if one of them has become disabled.

Hosting companies usually have testimonials, with comments from customers, citing whether they are happy with the service being provided. One should not take the comments on face value. It would be advisable to contact the companies providing the testimonials to see if they are true.

In relation to troubleshooting, problems can arise either because of what the customer had done or because of what the web hosting company had done. And when problems do occur, they can occur anytime. In order to get the website up and running immediately, the web hosting company must have 24-hour customer service assistance available. If the hosting company lacks assistance in this sense, then there is a need to switch hosting companies. This will also be the case if one finds that the website keeps going offline and if downloads become slower.

Recognized website hosts have fully protected sites for their customers. Many websites have been hacked because the hosting companies lack the latest security software. Therefore, when a prospective customer approaches the web hosting company, one of the questions would be to find out how often the security software is being updated and the kind of software that is being used. Another factor to remember when approaching a hosting company is to ask them about the backup facilities they have for websites. If a website encounters problems, the backup is the only way to retain information that is crucial to the website.

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