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Having a website has become a commodity for an enterprising person to have. It is an essential tool for those who have the internet moneymaking savvy. Whether it is a home-based cottage industry or a multi-million dollar enterprise, a website can vastly improve a business’s exposure. Increased exposure can only mean larger revenue. Hence, to have a better web presence would mean having a reliable website host.

A website hosting company is similar to the maintenance facility of a website. Web hosting companies essentially have the function of ensuring that potential visitors to a website can have uninterrupted access to a particular website. In choosing a hosting website, there are two main options. The choices are pick either a paid website or a free website. Free websites are suitable for those who are experts in the world of internet. For beginners, a paid website would be more suitable.

Free websites are advantageous because they can undoubtedly save the website owner money. However, he or she must be aware of some prerequisites that exist in pursuing free website hosting services. These services make their offer on the basis that the customer will include some free internet marketing advertisements from their own websites, which eventually causes pop-ups to appear. This may not seem very professional for the potential visitor to the website. If an individual is looking to run a lucrative e-commerce business on their website, this is not a good image to portray. In the world of e-commerce, where first impressions are crucial, this is an important factor to consider. More importantly, the next supplier is only a click away. Hence, if one is looking to run a thriving business on the internet, free hosting may not be the answer.

Paid internet hosting companies can provide better services for business-based websites. Facilities such as unlimited emailing, automatic responders, and storage space are being offered by most website hosting services. The larger, more-established services also provide guidance on how to build a website. This guidance is usually provided at no extra charge. Paid internet hosting facilities do not necessarily have to be expensive. Because of the abundant number of web hosting services, pricing of these services have become very competitive, making cheap hosting services readily available.

The type of service provider that is chosen would have to depend on what the business requires. It would also depend on the type of customers being targeted by the business. The service provider would have to be one that allows the website to grow and develop without putting a dent in the profit. In order to do this, the service provider would have to be one that is dependable and one with a good customer service base that can handle the initial teething problems. A service provider that can be relied on is one that can assist with technical jargon for those who are not very internet savvy. A good service provider would be able to explain to a beginner about bandwidth and storage space requirements.

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